Corporate Structure

ReMS is the first joint venture company in the country for implementing reforms in Agricultural Marketing. Given this mandate, which requires working closely with market committees in the state and providing the highly versatile and powerful Unified Market Platform for all market operations, it is managed as a nimble private enterprise with public interest as its foremost objective.

Board of Directors

Chair Person

Smt. Vandita Sharma
Chair Person, Government of Karnataka

Vice Chairman

Shri. R. Ramaseshan
Advisor, NeML

Managing Director & CEO

Shri. Manoj Rajan
Additional Secretary, Co-Operation Department Government of Karnataka


Shri. Manjunatha Prasad N
Secretary, Department of Co-Operation, Government of Karnataka


Shri. Gangadhara Swamy G M
Director, Department of Agricultural Marketing, Government of Karnataka


Shri. Arun Balakrishnan
Director, NeML

Nominee Director

Shri. Shailesh Sharadkumar Chitre
Representative from NeML


Government of Karnataka had constituted a committee under the chairmanship of the Additional Secretary to Government, Co-operation Department to explore means to improve the agricultural marketing system, identify the interventions required in the sector and suggest necessary reforms.

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