• Farmers in a Spot

    Bangalore, 2018-07-29

    Rajalaxmi Nirmal

    A robust electronic spot commodity market can break buyer cartels and ensure fair price to the farmer. Restrictive APMC Act, lack of basic infrastructure and inability to connect to people at the grass-root level are challenges

    Though the commodity derivatives exchange has been functioning for the last 14 years, India is yet to develop a national platform for spot commodity transactions, where the physical commodity is bought and sold at prevailing market prices.

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  • E-initiatives To Improve Farm Income

    Bengaluru, 2018-04-10

    ReMS provides a unified market platform (UMP), brings in best practices, arranges assaying facilities, enables commodity funding to benefit all stakeholders and develops secondary markets to benefit primary market participants. Of the 162 main markets in

    According to a report by NITI Aayog, Karnataka has realized 38 per cent more income to farmers in 2015-2016 over 2013-2014. The UMP has brought about transparency, efficiency and has simplified the procedure for procuring licenses.

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  • More Money, Better Options: How Karnataka’s E-Trading Is Changing Farmer Lives

    Bangalore, 2018-03-21

    “Even NITI Aayog has appreciated this for the reason that this has enhanced the income of the farmers by 38%,” says the 2018 Karnataka State Budget.

    “Till now about Rs 75,690 crore worth agricultural produce of 95.21 lakh farmers have been traded online. So far, about 47.28 lakh farmers are registered under the unified market platform,” said the 2018 Karnataka State Budget

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  • Farm commodities worth Rs 71,624 cr sold online in state

    Belagavi, 2017-11-23

    The launch of online agricultural marketing in Karnataka during the last three years since 2014 has succeeded in transaction of farm commodities worth Rs 71,624 crore (89 lakh lots) in the State

    Karnataka’s Agriculture Minister Krishna Byre Gowda told the Legislative Assembly on Thursday that undeclared transactions in APMCs have been reduced owing to a unified market platform (UMP).

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  • The Long Road to Transformation of agricultural markets in India

    Bangalore, 2017-10-14

    In the 2016-17 Union Budget, when the government announced the implementation of an e-National Agriculture Market(e-NAM) to integrate 585 regulated markets across the nation through a single electronic platform, the initiative was widely hailed as a move

    The fact is, despite several reform initiatives undertaken in the past decade, agricultural marketing in India continued to suffer from severe deficiencies. These are manifest in high transaction costs and a wide disconnect between the prices recieved by

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  • Karnataka agriculture markets go online, allow farmers better value for their produce

    Bangalore, 2017-07-20

    Farmers in Karnataka are smiling. For ages, they were at the mercy of traders and commission agents who dictated prices, even for premium produce. But suddenly now, the world has become their marketplace.

    Farmers are also benefiting from real-time prices. An analysis of 20 commodities, including Byadgi chilli, Bengal gram, tamarind, black gram and tur dal, shows a 15-45 per cent price increase.

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  • Karnataka agri markets see higher volumes despite drought hurting farm output

    Bengaluru, 2017-07-19

    The electronic trading platforms in the agriculture markets of Karnataka have caught the attention of chilli and paddy growers in neighbouring States such as Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, who are seen increasingly bringing their produce to the market

    “Farmers could be bringing more of their produce to the APMC markets now,” said TN Prakash Kammaradi, Chairman of the Karnataka Agricultural Prices Commission.

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  • ‘Recognise & Reward’: How UMP is helping create ‘One Nation, One Market’ for Agriculture

    Bangalore, 2017-07-17

    When it comes to agriculture market reforms to enhance farmers’ income, the success story of Karnataka’s Unified Market Platform (UMP)* stands out.

    The UMP is an initiative of Rashtriya eMarket Services Pvt. Ltd. (ReMS) – a Joint Venture Company of NeML and the Karnataka State Govt.

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Government of Karnataka had constituted a committee under the chairmanship of the Additional Secretary to Government, Co-operation Department to explore means to improve the agricultural marketing system, identify the interventions required in the sector and suggest necessary reforms.

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