• Farmers grow smarter to beat note ban woes

    Bengaluru, 2016-12-20

    Farmers in Karnataka have taken to trading via the Unified Market Platform (UMP) of Rashtriya e-Market Services (ReMS) easily even as demonetisation has hit business across the country.

    “The Karnataka model of agriculture reforms brings in transparency in market operations. Simplified licensing conditions enables buyers anywhere in the state (or country) to participate in the market. The wide reach of the electronic platform leads to pri

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  • Ryots shrug off cash blues, accept online payments

    Bangalore, 2016-12-03

    Demonetization has hindered trading activities in agricultural markets across the country but Karnataka, a pioneer in the IT sector, has managed to minimize the damage, thanks to the automation of Agricultural Prod u c e M a rk e t C o m m i t t e e (APMC

    “Online payments in agriculture markets will gain further momentum if banks provide support by opening extension counters at markets and enable farmers to withdraw cash,“ he added.

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  • Online trade helps APMCs avoid demonetisation blues

    Bangalore, 2016-12-03

    The ReMS has started negotiations with Banks to tie up with APMCs for online mode of payment. Around 13 lots of Rs 6.8 lakh have been deposited in bank accounts of farmers, commission agents and the market fee has been paid to APMC’s settlement accounts.

    Even a few banks have come forward to encourage online payment in APMCs and also install ATM in APMCs. The ReMS has started negotiations with Banks to tie up with APMCs for online mode of payment.

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  • Demonetization lesson: Why linking of online trading to farmers’ bank accounts must happen fast

    Bangalore, 2016-11-23

    Trading in almost all of Karnataka’s commodity mandis has gone online after the state adopted pioneering root-and-branch reforms in early 2014.

    But if progress in making payments directly into the bank accounts of farmers were as swift, the decline in business after the demonetisation of high value currency notes might have been arrested

    With direct transfers to bank accounts, farmers will be able to develop a credit profile. This will help them to access bank finance and be less dependent on traders and commission agents for credit. This de-linkage is essential for farmers to be free to

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  • APMC trade volume is down 38 per cent

    Bangalore, 2016-11-21

    Demonetisation prompts move to cheque and online payments

    The currency crunch resulting from denomination has hit trading in Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee (APMC) markets across Karnataka, bringing down the volume of trade by a sharp 38 per cent.

    Now that traders and commission agents have started paying in bank cheques, as an immediate measure, Manoj Rajan, Managing Director, and CEO, ReMS, and Additional Secretary, Agricultural Marketing Department, wants banks to open extension counters at mark

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  • ‘Online payments will now gain momentum in agri markets’

    Bangalore, 2016-11-20

    Vishwanath Kulkarni

    Bengaluru, November 20 Demonetisation has jeopardised trading in agricultural markets across the country. In Karnataka, considered a pioneer in agri-marketing reforms — most APMC [Agricultural Produce Market Committee]market yards in the State are already

    The environment is conducive now to start online payments. I think post-demonetisation, online payments in markets will gain momentum.

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  • Now, you can buy affordable timber online through govt's e-auction

    Bangalore, 2016-11-16

    The state forest department has launched an e-auction of wood. To take part in the auction, people can register themselves online and look up the list of products for sale on of Rashtriya e-Market Services (REMS), a joint venture of the govern

    The government said taking the process online will increase revenue from sales by at least 25%, which is around Rs 300 crore annually . Sources said the forest department has around 50,000 hectares of teak, rosewood and other major plantations.

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  • Karnataka’s farmers will have to produce marketable quality to gain from pioneering reforms

    Bangalore, 2016-11-11


    Manoj Rajan has plenty on his hands. He has three visiting cards for the three hats he is wearing. He gets a call from a district collector, and he discloses it sotto voce. He has to make a presentation in Delhi and the secret is shared. Karnataka’s cult

    Rajan wants to expand the number of farmers who have gained. A big communication exercise has been launched. . A large constituency of gainers invested in reform must be created so that reforms are not rolled back. For that the person at the top will hav

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Government of Karnataka had constituted a committee under the chairmanship of the Additional Secretary to Government, Co-operation Department to explore means to improve the agricultural marketing system, identify the interventions required in the sector and suggest necessary reforms.

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